Have you Voted?

Today is Election Day.   My husband and I voted early this year, so our votes have been cast.  I guess never before have I been so concerned with the condition of our country.   For a nation that claims to be "Under God", we seem to be falling short.  It breaks my heart that we, as Christians in many cases over the last years have not taken a stand, we have not let our voice be heard, we have not voted.   Yet we want to complain as to the current events.  While I know we are to show love to everyone, we are to love the sinner, but we are to HATE SIN.   There are some issues our country is dealing with that very clear direction is given in God's word on what our position should be.   There is nothing to think about, pray about, etc.   The word is there in black and white in our Bibles.  We need to stand on God's word and proclaim it from the mountain tops.  When we sit idly by, and watch our neighbors, our community, sometimes our churches (very sad) and our government condone and accept sin, I believe the blood is then on our hands as well.   Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to pray for America.  Prayer is a powerful tool.   But we also need to put feet to our prayers.  Get out and vote.   Let your voice be heard not only at the polls today, but in your conversations everyday.   You can make a difference in someone's life today, and the America that our children and grandchildren will live in tomorrow.