Get out of the Routine!

So many times, our churches, we fall into a regular routine of the order of service.  Even The Montgomery Family in our concerts,  begin to do the same songs, in the same order, use the same segue, and pray that the Lord will use it.  And he does.  We had the honor of being a part of a very special service this past Sunday. A pastor had a desire to have a service out of the ordinary routine for the congregation.  We talked and prayed over order of service, song selections, ideas for ministry, ideas to engage the congregation, etc several weeks before the concert. Then smothered the ideas with prayer. God used the "unusual service" and moved in a mighty way among that congregation of believers. May our songs and services NEVER become routine.   May our enthusiasm for the Lords work, and the reminder of what he has done and is doing in our life never lack luster.    We are so thankful for the blessings of yesterday and looking forward with great anticipation for the opportunities tomorrow.