Lisa Montgomery Simpson is the
youngest daughter of Harold and Ronda.

Lisa started singing on an occasional
song or two in each program at the age
of 5 years old.
By the time she was 10, she was singing
on every song as her mother transitioned
to just playing the piano.

Beginning from the age of 5 and
continuing to today's performances,
Lisa is the "spark plug" of energy and
excitement for The Montgomery's.
Lisa has the rich alto voice that provides
the sound that audiences have come to
expect from the family.
Whether it's a tender song
like "I've come too far to look back",
or one of energy like "Operator-Give me Jesus on the Line",
Lisa delights audiences with her voice and her charisma.

Lisa and Jeff married in October of 1986.
They have two children, Morgan and Elliot.
Lisa does substitute teaching in the
Union County school district.
She enjoys decorating her home and
is a master when it comes to organizational skills. 
She also enjoys movies, a good book,
and time with family and friends.