Authentic. Gracious. Passionate. Uplifting. The Montgomery’s are Southern charm and Southern Gospel defined. I love this family of musicians & always walk away from time spent with them with a heart full and a happy tune.
— Jason Lanier, Pastor of Worship, LIFE Fellowship Church, Charlotte
I love the Montgomery Family. They bring energy, sincerity, and great family harmony! You’ll enjoy the worship experience.
— Rodney Baucom, Network Director for the Life FM Radio Network
It has been our privilege to have The Montgomery Family with us at Capital City Baptist Church many times. They always minister to our people and our people love to hear them sing. If you want music that is glorifying to our Savior, then you want to have The Montgomery Family in your church. These folks are real, friendly and, best of all, they love the One for whom they sing. Their music is not just “good singing”, it is ministry that blesses the heart.
— Paul Monroe - Pastor, Capital City Baptist Church Columbia SC
The 2014 State Annual Singing Convention had some great talent this year, but I believe The Montgomery Family was the best of all!
— Charlie Fowler, WCKB Radio, Dunn NC
The Montgomery Family has been an inspiration to me for over 15 years. Many are gifted musicians, but you can always tell the difference when someone is spiritually gifted. These folks are spiritually gifted. God has blessed them with an uncanny ability to minister to the hearts of His people through testimony and song. They are utilizing their gifts to the best of their ability. Your church will be blessed by them. I highly recommend this family.
— Tim Hale, Pastor of Worship, 1st Baptist Midlothian, Midlothian TX
Mid-Way Baptist Church celebrated 47 years of ministry on February 10, 2013, and featured the “Montgomery Family” as our special singers. Robin Stegall, who has been a faithful member of MBC for fifteen years, has been singing with this group since she was a little girl. Robin, her mother, daddy, and sister made up the “Montgomery Family.” My friend, Paul Monroe knows the family very well, and is having them sing again at his church for their church anniversary.
Their ministry is still going for the Lord and is being used of God greatly. Robin, (who also sings with the Hoppers when they need help) her sister Lisa and her husband, Jeff, make up the “Montgomery Family.” Lisa and Jeff serve the Lord faithfully in the First Baptist Indian Trail Church in the Charlotte area. Each member of the group have very successful careers; however they have a burning desire to be a blessing to local churches on the weekends or special occasions. I have had the privilege of knowing the Montgomery Family for a long time and had the privilege of hearing Brother Harold Montgomery sing before his going to be with the Lord. It is without any reservation that I recommend them to sing in your church. They will be a blessing to you and your people.
— Larry Upchurch, Pastor, Mid-Way Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC
Thirty-one years ago I had the privilege of hearing one of the finest singing families that I have ever heard. I said that day as I sat listening, “I wish the Lord would send them to the church I pastor”. Not long after that, one by one they came to First Baptist Indian Trail to share the ministry with me. My heart has never been more warmed by the Holy Spirit than when I worship Him while the Montgomery’s sing. I wholeheartedly recommend this Christ-honoring family to any church or spirit gathering. You will never be the same.
— Dr. Mike Whitson, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Indian Trail, NC
The Montgomery’s are some of the greatest people and singers that I know. Their fresh harmony and sound, combined with a true heart for the One they sing about, is why they are one of my favorite southern gospel groups.
— Shane Dunlap, Director of Worship Arts & Recording Artist, Lee Park Church, Monroe, NC